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How to choose the material for your ring?

Before choosing your ring material, let us explore the following materials:

Common materials include silver, white karat gold, and rose gold, each offering a variety of karat numbers.

*The higher the karat number, the more gold the metal contains. And the more gold it contains, the slower the metal oxidizes.

 We offer 6 metal choices in our handcraft workshop:
– 925 Silver : 92.5% silver content, no gold
– 18k white karat gold: 75% gold content plus 25% white metal. Known as Champagne gold because of its high gold content and yellowish color, it has gained popularity in recent years.
– 9k white gold: 37.5% gold content plus 62.5% white metal, the color is white with pale yellow.
– 9k rose gold: 37.5% gold plus 62.5% red metal, orange in colour.

There are few things you should consider before choosing the material:

– Are you allergic to certain metals?
First, it’s best to know which materials you’re allergic to, recall whether wearing silver jewelry for a long time has caused skin allergies, and avoid choosing these allergens. If you are allergic to silver, consider choosing materials that contains gold.

– Oxidation rate
When metals are exposed to air, oxidation occurs, resulting in a tarnishing and discoloration. Oxidation speed is also one of the main concerns of customers. Of the six metals, silver oxidizes the fastest. Conversely, the higher the gold content, the slower the oxidation rate and the easier it is to handle.
– Purpose of the ring
If you are looking for a wedding ring for your big day, it is recommended that you choose a metal with a higher gold content. Because wedding rings are worn for a long time, perhaps a lifetime, they are relatively easy to maintain and care for in daily life.

– Budget
Budget is the most important factor in choosing a ring material. The price of silver and gold varies widely, you can choose your ring material according to your budget.

– Metal color
Metal color is often the most direct key factor for customers to choose in terms of material. If the above factors are not your concerns, you can choose directly according to your own preferences!

***Tip: Try on each piece of jewelry, feel the color and material for yourself to make sure your favorite metallic color matches your skin tone. After wearing the ring for a period of time, due to personal wearing habits, there could be some scratches, causing the ring to lose its metallic luster. In addition, the ring can also become discolored by oxidation due to prolonged exposure to air and the individual’s constitution. These are very normal phenomena, worry not! By re-polishing and cleaning the ring, it can be restored to its original shine!

 * Our workshop provides lifelong free maintenance and cleaning service for all jewelry! ​
The above information is for reference only. Hope you can choose the right ring material comfortably and pleasurably!