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K-Gold Ring Making Workshop

You will have two pairs of rings if you choose a K-Gold Ring, why?

K-Gold Ring Production Process:

If you choose the material of white gold/rose gold/gold, we will use the “roll casting” processing method.

In the Handmade Rings course, you will use silver as the raw material for ring making. After the completion of the silver ring, we will make a rubber mold with the silver ring (as shown in the picture), then pour the k-gold into the mold. The finished k-gold rings wil be exactly the same as the silver ring. And this is why you will receive two rings after all.

Why not just make it out of K-gold?

1.) The cost of K-gold materials is extremely high. If K-gold materials are used directly, students will need to bear greater mental stress.

2.) Compared with silver, K-gold material is harder and is more difficult to manufacture.

3.) It is simpler and easier for the students to make rings out of silver material. After confirming that the finished ring is satisfied, the mold will be turned over again.

Once the customer is satisfied with the finished ring, we will send the piece for roll casting.