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What is the best way to measure the ring size?

There are many articles on how to measure ring size at home. So how do you get the most accurate ring size?

The most accurate method is to use a professional ring gauge kit. You can buy ring gauge kits from jewelry stores and online.
These kits are typically made of plastic or metal.

*Note: The size generally used in China is the Hong Kong size. Don’t buy the foreign ring gauge kit by mistake!

In addition, when choosing a ring number, people encounter some problems.
Such as: 

1. Your knuckles are too large, so you need to choose a larger ring to put it on. However, when you put it on the end of your finger, you will think that the ring is too loose. This is a problem that many of our customers encounter. At this point you can anticipate whether you will be putting on and taking off your ring often. If you take your ring off and on more often, it is recommended that you choose a size that fits over your knuckles to avoid straining your skin when taking your ring off multiple times.

If you don’t normally remove the ring, you can choose a slightly tighter size. This way the size won’t look too big when you put it on, and it will be more comfortable to wear.

2. Know whether to choose a tighter size 12 or a looser size 13.

We generally advise our customers to choose a size that is easy to put on, a little stuck when you take it off, and doesn’t feel stuck when you bend your finger while wearing the ring. If this is your try-on experience, then this size is appropriate for you. This way the ring does not fall out easily when you walk with your fingers facing down. If you choose a larger size, the ring will fall off when you shake your palm without noticing.

The ring circle is certainly accurate, but after all, it is also a fixed number. Customers are often faced with the dilemma of wanting to take a larger half size, or a smaller half size. If you can wear your beloved’s hand-made exclusive ring, so that in terms of size, you do not need to follow the standard ring size to choose. During the production, you will create your own ring size according to your finger size. Even if you need a quarter smaller size, it’s no problem.

These are some of the considerations that can be taken into account when choosing your own ring size. We hope this will help you find the best ring size for you.